Water / Sewer / Garbage

The city of Lavonia currently supplies water/sewer services and garbage pickup for local businesses and residence. Contact City Hall to obtain water/sewer/garbage service from the city. For specific fees, see theĀ Schedule of Fees.


The City of Lavonia obtains its electrical service from Georgia Power. To establish an account with Georgia Power, call 1-888-660-5890. Georgia Power maintains a local office here in the city, where you may also arrange for local service.

Georgia Power

12641 Augusta Road
Lavonia, Georgia 30553
Business Customer Service

Telephone Service

The City of Lavonia is provided with telephone service by Windstream.

Residential Service: 1-800-501-1754

Business Service: 1-800-501-1776

Gas Service

Toccoa Natural Gas
203 N. Alexander St.
Toccoa, Georgia 30577

Tugaloo Gas Co., Inc.
302 W. Currahee St.
Toccoa, Georgia 30577
12795 Jones Street
Lavonia, Georgia 30553