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Georgia Main Street Main Street America

Appointed Committees, Boards, and Commissions

Downtown Development Authority

Executive Director: Vivian Young
Chairman: David Brown
Advisor: Charles Cawthon
Board Members: Amber Holcomb
Dr. Dale Stone
Rev. Dr. Hugh E Hendrickson

City of Lavonia Vision and Mission Statements of the Mainstreet Program

The Main Street Program will leverage all available resources to create, implement, and evaluate a systematic plan of work specifically designed to stimulate and sustain downtown economic growth and viability, protect and preserve our historic resources and downtown character, to enhance the overall quality of life for the citizens of Lavonia, Georgia. 

Vision Statement
Lavonia is a thriving community utilizing a unique combination of historic preservation and change as positive forces for determining our future. We will preserve our safe, smalltown atmosphere, our natural surroundings and our past. We strive for excellent schools, recreation, cleanliness, and the relaxed pace of life where businesses and neighbors know your name and whereby the economy is diverse enough to satisfy everyday needs locally. We will protect these treasures, even while we envision changes that will enhance our quality of life.

Revised 10/06/2021

Historic Preservation Commission

Chairman: Margaret Ayers
Secretary/Treasurer: Priscilla Gothard
Advisor: Charles Cawthon
Board Members: Marie Loftis

Planning and Zoning Commission

Zoning Administrator: Charles Cawthon
Chairman: Jim Gothard
Board Members: Jerry Byrd

Cemetery Commission

Chairman: Vivian Young
Advisor:Randy Dove
Board Members: Margaret Ayers
Priscilla Gothard
Courtney Umbehant
Marie Loftis
Duchess Blakely

Tree Commission

John Shearouse
Diane Holmes
Randy Dove
Jim Gothard

Human Relations Board