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Elected Officials

The government of the City of Lavonia is vested in a city council comprised of a mayor and four council members, each elected to four-year terms.

The Honorable Courtney Umbehant, Mayor
Elected in November 2019
Began his four-year term as Mayor of Lavonia on January 1, 2020
E-mail: courtumbehant@lavoniaga.gov

Michael Schulman, Council Member - Post 1
Elected - November 2019
Began his term November 2019, finishing term for Courtney Umbehant
Phone: 706-356-8781
E-mail: mschulman@lavoniaga.gov

Jeremy S. Madden, Council Member - Post 2
Elected - November 2021
Began his term January 1st, 2022
Phone: 706-356-8781
E-mail: jmadden@lavoniaga.gov

Larry E. Floyd, Council Member - Post 3
First Elected - November 2003
Began his term January 1st, 2004
Phone: 706-356-8781
E-mail: efloyd@lavoniaga.gov

Andrew Murphy, Council Member - Post 4
Elected - November 2019
Began his term January 1st, 2020
Phone: 706-356-8781
E-mail: amurphy@lavoniaga.gov