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In 1878, the Elberton-Airline Railroad had reached a point known as Aquilla, Georgia, a Post Office at the intersection of the South Carolina-Carnesville Road. At this point, a Station was planned for the Railway and consequentially a town. The property belonged to Samuel H. Knox, but before the plans could be carried out Mr. Knox died, leaving minor heirs.

As clear title could not be obtained, the site was moved one mile south onto the property of Abner Burgess.

J.H. Jones, President of the Elberton-Airline Railroad, J.H. Grogan, retired Methodist minister. T.J. Bowman, Architect of Elberton County, J.H. Vickery, a merchant from Habersham County, and Abner Burgess had a survey and plat made by R.W. Cleveland, a Certified Surveyor from Elberton, on July 12, 1878. The plat had four streets named for the four town promoters: namely Jones, Grogan, Bowman and Vickery. The name given the town was the name of the wife of J.H. Jones, Mrs. Lavonia Jones.