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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the City of Lavonia’s website. We are a growing community that takes seriously our partnerships with area businesses. Take a look around to learn more about our local area and our local government. Although we appreciate you visiting us virtually, we hope to see you in person soon.

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For your convenience, we now offer online bill pay for our utility customers. Options to pay now include, Mastercard, Visa and American Express, credit or debit. The option for e-check is no longer available.

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Lake TURN OVER (1)
Lake TURN OVER (2)

Taste and Odor

Typically, during the summer months the City of Lavonia’s water customers report a different taste and odor to the water. Customers usually report an “earthy” taste/smell. Thankfully, this is just a palatable issue and NOT a health or quality issue. The City of Lavonia takes great pride in treating the water provided to our citizens. Our employees diligently test the water at every step of the treatment process, and ensure that all the results indicate that the water is safe for drinking/consumption and for all other uses.

During this time of year, Lake Hartwell experiences what is known as “Lake Turnover.”  This is a natural process that occurs when the environment experiences a change in air temperature. The lake, in turn, experiences an inversion of the surface water and deeper water which can result in both a taste/odor event.  Lakes, like any body of water, are a constantly changing and moving ecosystem which can be influenced by changes in the environment.

During the summer lakes will “stratify”, which means a lake will form layers of different temperatures. The sun heats the water on the surface, but deep down the water is still cool. The oxygen in the water stays in the warmer layer. In the spring, the cooler surface layer warms and rises. When this cooler layer rises, it stirs up all the lake water. During Summer, the cooler surface water begins to warm and as the water warms it becomes denser causing it to sink. This dense water forces the water of the lower level of the lake to rise and switch places with the top levels, “turning over” the layers. Lake Turnover usually occurs every Fall and Spring when the temperatures are changing.

Please know we are aware of the issue and, our Water Treatment plant is dedicated to combating this inconvenience. The City has taken steps such as, increasing the frequency of our filter washes, and optimizing our chemical treatment processes as much as possible to improve the situation.

The taste and odor issues are temporary and will pass once the inversion of the surface water is complete. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience & understanding!

City of Lavonia Water Department.